Relish Capricorn is a proactive company created to fulfil the role of [adrotate banner=”2″]effectively building and energetically marketing the food products unique to Central QLD growers.

Relish Capricorn will bring growers, producers, food retailers, servers and consumers together in an online environment that allows all parties direct unrestricted access to each other. The Vision for Relish Capricorn is to create an effective umbrella for marketing, promoting and developing food businesses in the Central Queensland region which will deliver commercial benefits to its members.

The Website

The Relish Capricorn website is the central point for connection, knowledge and resources. It is an essential communication tool that links potential customers, clients, Relish Capricorn members and food businesses together.

Find up-to-date news and information to grow your business and for customers to find you. Take the opportunity to promote, discuss and share business topics and tips. Members get a free listing on Relish Capricorn the social Relish Capricorn website and a web link back to their business. The ‘Members Only’ section will feature industry specific information, news, business templates, a resource register and a member’s blog site.